Gustika Hatta

Social Influencer

She graduated from King’s College London while taking several courses focusing in Asian Arts by Sotheby’s Institute of Arts, Asian Politics by Science Po Lyon and Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse by the United Nations Populations Fund. While her academic achievements alone are undoubtedly amazing, her contributions to society are even more admirable. She is the founder and the Chief Social Officer of Traxist. She was also a part of the founding members of Youth of Indonesia. She is an activist, writer, and youth advocate that has been participating in a lot of social campaigns.

Mujiya Ulhaq


He graduated from Universitas Diponegoro, Indonesia, majoring in Industrial Engineering, Kyung Hee University, Rep. of Korea majoring in Industrial and Management System Engineering, and  Jonkoping Uniersity, Sweden, majoring in Engineering Management. His research interests include service management, customer satisfaction, quality management, and sustainability-related behavior. Besides researches and papers that he has published, he also greatly contributed in International Technical Committee of Intrnational Conferences and he’s also the founder of Industrial Design Seminar and Competition.

Donnie Cahya G S

Growth manager aspire indonesia

In his college years, Donnie was a late bloomer. From 3x rejected to join student organizations in Universitas Diponegoro and got under 3 GPA in semester 2, he went on to be accepted in 2 national-level scholarships and being th fastest to become president of AIESEC in Semarang and led 200 members, generated a total IDR.550 Million revenues. He’s now the Head of Marketing at Y-Combinator Startup while spending his free time doing pro-bono CV reviews as a side hustle with @TahunTerbaik.

Amanda Margareth

Book wrtiter

Amanda is an advocate in mental health who’s currently undergoing the study of Naval Architectre Engineering at Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang, and has inspired countless youth with her works. She has published two poems and poetry books, nation-wide, titled “Museum dan Kita” and “Enigma”. In addition, she also builds a mental health online consultation called “Talk Now”.

Rona Mentari

storytelling activist

Rona Mentari initiate Rumah Dongeng Mentari in Yogyakarta and became the initiator of, a YouTube account that contains fairy tales for children. Her persistence brought Rona to get a short course scholarship at the International School of Storytelling at Emerson College, England in 2018. She has been also performed on international events. She told stories at Storytelling Hut, Emerson College, England, Singapore International Storytelling Festival, to the Sydeny International Storytelling Festival. “Tell the story, and let their imagination penetrate the sky”. Rumah Dongeng Mentari became a place to develop children’s character through fairy tales. Rona Mentari believes Dongeng has a magic which can create a better future for the next generations.

Amran Hasbi A


A man who chose psychology majors because he feels there was something wrong with him, turns out he’s really fascinated not only understanding himself but also people around him. He’s often called himself a ‘stoic’, because he’s trying to apply Stoicism into his daily life. But on the other hand, he’s also excited to learn eastern philosophy. He’s also having a big interest in tech phenomenon around us, especially on the internet. And since he studied human behavior, he really curious about the effect of emerging technology that currently happening on a massive scale to human. He believes that technology will escalate human life, if human are aware of the intention of using it.