About Call For Speaker

Call For Speaker is one of the pre event that’s brought by TEDxUndip with goals of bringing one of the best and most inspirational student in UNDIP to share their ideas in the main event. Our objectives are to finding an undergraduate-student-background speaker who’s capable to engage & encourage the young people – and bringing the “youth spirit” to the audience. 


Open Registration & Video Submision

17th August - 13th September 2019

First Phase Announcement

20th September 2019

Speaker Showcasing

26th September 2019

Final Announcement

4th October 2019

How to Become TEDxUndip Speaker

Post A Video on Youtube

Make a video with the theme “I am the call” and upload it to your youtube account, scroll down to read more about requirement for the video.

Register on Our Website

You can submit the link of your posted video on our website by clicking the "REGISTER NOW" button at Call For Speaker page.

Showcasting After First Announcement

Only speaker that has been selected on the first step who can do the showcasting. More information are coming soon.

Video Requirement


Make a video with the theme "I AM THE CALL" and upload it to your youtube chanel.


No more than two minutes.


The video MUST be in Bahasa Indonesia.


High quality video is recommended.

Video's Title

Video’s title: Call For Speakers – Name (Full Name & Surname or Last Name only) #IamTheCall #WakeUpCall #TEDxUNDIP Example: Call For Speakers – Karina Nailazahwa #IamTheCall #WakeUpCall #TEDxUNDIP


The video MUST be consist of introduction and “why TEDx team should choose him/her as the speaker”. Example: Nama saya Karina Meuthia dari Jurusan Manajemen angkatan 2017. Alasan saya harus terpilih menjadi speaker dalam TEDxUndip adalah karena….."

Registration Closed

Scroll down to find out who’s the selected speaker of TEDxUndip.

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.