Essay Competition

Your Story, Your TEDx!

TEDxUndip is, by design, an exclusive event where tickets are limited to a quantity of 100. This introduces a problem where some bright individuals did not have a fair chance in obtaining the tickets. To answer this problem, we would like to introduce an essay competition where the participants are asked to write what they understand about “Wake Up Call”, its implementation in today’s disruptive era, and the correlation between it and TEDxUndip. The fun thing is that the essay competition will give selected audience an opportunity to get TEDxUndip tickets exclusively for free without any hassle.



Benefits for
The Winner

  • Free VVIP ticket to TEDxUndip Main Event, Pre-Event, and its Pre-Pre-Event.
  • A chance to meet the speakers
  • Labelled as TEDxUndip’s Ambassador and will be frequently featured in TEDxUndip’s social media

Registration Timeline

8 - 22 May 2019

Form Registration & Essay Submit

23rd May 2019

Close Registration

24 - 25 May 2019

Essay Selection

26th May 2019

Winner Announcement

About The Essay


  • Theme Relevance (40%)
  • Practical Implementation (40%)
  • Essay Quality
  • Coherence
  • Punctuation (5%)
  • Writing Style (10%)


  • Theme : Wake Up Call
  • 2-4 Pages
  • Font : Times New Roman / Size : 12
  • Paper Size : A4 / Justiffy
  • Margin : Top 4 / Left 4 / Bottom 3 / Right 3
  • Both English & Bahasa are Accepted
  • Document Name : WUC_NameSurname

Your Story, Your TEDx!

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