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Aeshnina Azzahra Aqilani is a 13-year-old young environmental activist who has a high concern for imported waste pollution, rubbish in rivers and seas. At first, her actions in fighting for the environment were caused by Aeshnina's concern about the amount of garbage in the neighborhood around her house.

Aeshnina is well known for her bravery for her actions in which she sent letters to some high- level figures in the world such as Donald Trump and Prime Minister of Australia in order for them to cultivate waste in their own countries, also taking their waste back from Indonesia. She is also invited by several of high-level figures in Indonesia such as Governor of West Java, Ganjar Pranowo; Minister of Social Affairs, Tri Rismaharini; and President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo . Aside from gaining attention for her deed in Indonesia, Aeshnina also attracts international media portals, namely Al-Jazeera and Sydney Morning Herald.

Currently, Aeshnina is in the process of building a museum of imported waste near her home, while also striving to maintain the cleanliness of Brantas River from plastic waste pollution through @river.warrior . Moreover, Aeshnina is actively doing an online environmental campaign by writing petitions and spreading information through @info.mistik .

Rudolf Puspa is the director of the Mobile Theater who has been awarded an award from the Indonesian Theater Federation as Abdi Abadi.

Rudolf Puspa’s love toward theater started back when he studied theater with Arifin C. Noer in Yogyakarta. This experience became the main reason for Rudolf Puspa to devote his life to theater.

Since 1974, Rudolf Puspa already established Teater Keliling along with his friends, and now, he is still fully active as the Director of Teater Keliling . There are more than 200 drama scripts and thousands of plays that he had directed for the time being. Until now, Rudolf Puspa still gives his best and live to the fullest by being the director of Teater Keliling.



Osse Kiki is one of full-time staff in Komunitas Peduli Skizofrenia Indonesia (KPSI). Back in 2008, he was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder. For the past thirteen years since being diagnosed, Osse Kiki has been treated and it gives a lot of impact in his life.

Osse Kiki continues to experience different states where he feels down, high, and experience hallucinations. Support from family and relatives embraces him to recover and become stable. Besides being one of the organizers of KPSI, Osse Kiki is also actively increasing public awareness of mental health.

Osse Kiki is often invited as a guest speaker at various mental health events, became one of the announcers at RPK FM, and was selected to participate in the Mental Health Research Group workshop at the University of Manchester, England.

Hidayah Ratna Febriani is one of the members of Komunitas Sahabat Difabel who is currently active in the sewing field. She is also the owner of Ida Modiste, a fashion boutique in Semarang. The boutique later became the media for her to contribute in sharing her knowledge to the disabilities community.

She was born in Semarang, February 2, 1975, the second of five children of the couple Sudarto and (the late) Nafisya Umaya. Little Ida, never thought that at the age of three, Folio forced her to use a brisk as a walking aid.

The support from Ida’s parents and insults from her friends back in school keep her spirited to give positive impacts for others despite her physical disabilities.



Ayu Oktariani is an HIV-positive woman. Because of negative stigma about HIV/AIDS surrounding society, she struggles to live normally according to social construct. But, she manages to fight for her right to live against HIV/AIDS negative stigma for the sake of her children and her family. Currently, Ayu is consistently getting ARV therapy and continues to prove that she can be healthy and productive.

Ayu Oktariani started her journey after being infected with HIV by guiding same age as people whose immunity are affected by HIV as well. Hence, it leads her to feel even more enormous power and willingness to live despite the virus.

Until now, Ayu Oktariani is a part of Ikatan Perempuan Positif Indonesia (IPPI) and Indonesia AIDS Coalition (IAC), and proceeds to always actively campaigning and advocating people regarding HIV/AIDS with fellow activists in order to stand for the justice of people with HIV/AIDS.

Through IPPI, she learned to accept herself as well as fighting for her right as a woman with HIV. Also, the community gives her media to support and guide people, especially women with HIV. Ayu Oktariani wants to prove that she can be an inspiration for others and able to do things that people might think women with HIV can't do.

Dr. Marlistya Citraningrum is an activist and advocate who consistently promotes Indonesia’s transition towards a cleaner, more inclusive, and more sustainable energy system. She also performs research and other advocacy activities on energy and gender issues, energy decentralization, and SDGs. Since 2017, Citra is heavily involved in the Indonesian Solar Association (ISA), in which IESR has been active since its early establishment.

One of her work with Energy Innovation, WRI, and WRI Indonesia: Energy Policy Simulator (EPS), has been recognized as a finalist in Fast Company’s Second Annual World-Changing Ideas – an awarding platform for policies, projects, and concepts offering innovative solutions to global challenges.

For 2018 – 2019, she sits on the Coordination Group of ACCESS Coalition (Alliance of CSOs for Clean Energy Access), an international coalition of CSOs working to fasten global transition to clean energy. She holds a PhD from Taiwan Tech with a research focus on environmental management. She particularly likes the use of storytelling in research, giving backgrounds and meanings to present hard evidence.


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